The Home Is Your Theatre and should reflect the mood you want to live in, whether it is a castle on the hill or a cabin in the woods. Al Rahm has been building custom homes for over 30 years. Sunrise Custom Homes are super efficient, airtight, top quality homes, and utilize green technology and standards throughout, wherever possible.

We specifically pay attention to the flow of the home so that traffic areas do not interfere with hang out zones. Natural light by way of windows and skylights should harmonize the surrounding landscape with the interior of the home. Interior lighting should create a pleasant or dramatic mood without glaring effects.

Some technical Building Ideas that we emphasize in our homes and suggest to our clients are:

  • Footings and Foundations should be soil tested and designed in a way that no settling will occur.
  • Non Toxic Building Materials should be researched in place of many commonly used and potentially carcinogenic industry standards.
  • Breathability is very important to a home so that mold and mildew, as a result of condensation and moisture forming inside of the walls, does not occur.
  • Radiant Floor Heat is 60% more efficient than convective heat and provides more than 3 times the comfort and enjoyment.
  • Polyiconene Insulation is state of the art, air tight, and gives off no hazardous gases or fiberglass fragments like conventional insulation.
  • Radiant Barriers reflect heat before it ever enters the structure of the home and reduces utility bills by using natural methods of convection to keep the home cool.